Name Service

Base Name Service Feature

With the implementation of FVM, web3 users in the Filecoin ecosystem can finally use human-readable characters to index addresses, content, and storage on the chain, just like the EVM compatible chain. And in Filecoin's decentralized storage protocol, we can index the addresses of miners on blockchain and realize more practical functions such as on-chain storage addressing.Detail features are as follows:

  • ERC-721 Standard name: each FNS name is treated as an NFT, and the FNS contract complies with all interfaces of the ERC-721 standard and can be transferred and traded on secondary markets

  • Functions: registry, resolver, controller, auction, expiration, reverse resolve, etc.

  • CID Resolver: resolution from name to deal CID. FNS name can be resolved to an order CID, which will be the first step to realize the decentralized storage index service

  • Miner Name Service (MNS): resolution from name to miner. In Filecoin protocol, miner actors don't have private key and all operation of miner actor is controlled by its owner. MNS means that owner of a miner in can configure name resolution for this miner. Users can use the storage service provided by miners through an easily identifiable name with tools compatible with FNS.

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