FNS Introduction

FNS: Filecoin Name Service

Create a decentralized personal portal and DID system for Web3 users based on FVM.


FNS is a decentralized name service based on the Filecoin EVM. It resolves Metadata into easy-to-read xxx.fil names. fns.fil subdomains (such as alice.fns.fil) are distinguished from other domains by non-transferable SBT to ensure identity uniqueness.

We hope to create a decentralized personal portal and DID system for web3 users based on the Filecoin FVM, and build a BaaS (blockchain as a service) flexible tool with completely decentralized identities and data storage.

What we have Done

Filecoin Name Service (FNS) is an important infrastructure of Filecoin. There are a large number of addresses, miners, deals, and sectors stored on the Filecoin blockchain. FNS can give these data human-readable tags to help users better understand and access them. In addition, FNS can enable richer types of applications, such as DID and file systems, helping better establish the ecosystem.

We started the development of FNS last year and won two Hackathon prizes. The first prize was in Hack FEVM in November last year. We developed an MVP version of FNS, including domain name search, registration, and resolution. The second prize was in FVM Space Warp from January to February this year. We developed an alpha version with some improvements like optimizations in UX, resolution from domain names to CIDs, and display of domain names on the Filfox explorer. You can go to fns.space to experience it.


FNS is incubated by the Filfox team during 2 hackthons, which originated from the Filecoin developer community, and has successively developed and iterated Filecoin projects such as Filfox explorer and FoxWallet.

It can be seen from the community and Hackathon that many people are interested in FNS and have released their own development results. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we think people should work together to develop a unified solution to FNS.

Therefore, we plan to completely open-source our code and invite all developers to make more improvements to it. Furthermore, in order to follow the decentralization spirit of blockchain, FNS should be running on the Filecoin mainnet as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) driven project. Thus, its future development will follow the real needs and vision of the community.

See the Announcement.

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