Proposal 1: FNS DAO Equity Distribution - Draft

Interim Distribution (first year after mainnet launch)

During the initial phase of FNS DAO, core contributors who come together after the mainnet launch will organize the community's governance of FNS DAO. Therefore, FNS DAO's early revenue will come from name registrations and renewals, which will be managed by FNS DAO and used for the technical development and community ecosystem of the FNS project.

We will divide the funds in the FNS treasury into two parts:

Community reserved

We plan to reserve 50% of treasury for the community, which can be unlocked one year after FNS is launched on mainnet. The use of the funds will be decided by the FNS DAO community.

Project Development

Within the first year after mainnet launch, we will focus on improving the user experience and community ecosystem of FNS, striving to become the Name Service infrastructure of the Fil ecosystem and be accepted and integrated by more projects in the ecosystem.

Therefore, 50% of the income in the treasury will be used for project development, including but not limited to the following categories:

Technical Iteration

Treasury Allocation Proportion: 30%

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Complete all development of the basic functions of FNS

  • Development of name service contract functions

  • Contract testing and deployment

  • Web app development and deployment

  • Launching SDK for integration within the ecosystem projects

  1. Expand the main name service functions of FNS

  • Improve usability for easy integration into ecosystem projects

  • Complete the development and testing of Space function basic modules

  • Help other projects to integrate

  1. Bug fixing

  • Participate in community technical discussions, guide the community to actively test and discover issues

  • Timely response to technical issues identified by DAO and resolve them promptly

  1. Github Management

  • Github permission control

  • Maintain a clean code repository and strictly adhere to version iteration specifications

  • Output complete technical documentation

Community Operations

Treasury Allocation Proportion: 10%

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Twitter Operation

  • Responsible for the formulation and update of FSN Twitter English content

  • Keep up with hot topics and industry trends, formulate interactive activities based on social media, and promote fan growth and activity

  • Directly responsible for the growth of Twitter fans

  1. Community Operation

  • Daily maintenance of the FNS community, timely response to user inquiries

  • Based on project progress, formulate community drainage, activity and other activities, responsible for community growth and retention

  • Management and operation of community volunteers and Mods

  1. Event Operation

  • Plan effective marketing activities based on project development and social media channel needs

  • Coordinate and execute activities and be directly responsible for the effect of the activities

  • Post-event review and optimization suggestions

  1. Content Operation

  • Responsible for the production of FNS-related articles, including but not limited to brand promotion articles, tutorials, news releases, and event promotional manuscripts

  • Responsible for the maintenance of media and other channels and promoting the exposure of articles in various channels

  1. Business Development

  • Based on project development needs, search for and screen high-quality project parties for cooperation

  • Responsible for the expansion, negotiation, and promotion of relevant cooperation plans and responsible for the results

Bug Bounty

Treasury Allocation Proportion: 5%

Main responsibilities:

Including but not limited to:

  • Discovering and reporting bugs for FNS contracts and web apps, and submitting bug reports on community platforms such as GitHub.

  • Providing solutions to bugs reported by the community.

  • Providing suggestions for all FNS technical solutions and implementations.

The allocation of funds for Bug Bounty will be decided by a community vote. The community has the right to assess the value of reported bugs and improvement suggestions to the FNS ecosystem and allocate corresponding rewards to contributors. If there are too few or low-value bug reports, the community may also vote to lower the Bug Bounty treasury allocation and allocate the remaining funds to other projects.


Treasury Allocation Proportion: 5%

Main responsibilities:

Including but not limited to:

  • Helping translate documents into multiple languages for the community.

  • Rewarding active members of the community.

  • Community of projects which integrated FNS.

  • Being a KOL to help FNS DAO grow.

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