FNS Lookup

Integrate FNS in Filfox Explorer

We hope that FNS can be used as a basic tool for the Filecoin ecosystem to help ecological projects provide users with better user experience.

Therefore, we integrated FNS in Filfox explorer as FNS Lookup (https://hyperspace.filfox.info/en/fns) in this hackthon to provide more functions for Filfox explorer users, also provides an example for how to integrate FNS into your own project.

FNS Lookup Key Features:

  • Synchronize all FNS-related events and analyze into DB, providing API service

  • Display FNS Primary name resolution in address details page of Filfox

  • Display all FNS registrations and name details in Lookup main page

  • Support FNS name search and both t4 and 0x address search in FNS Lookup

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