Subdomain as Storage Index

Subdomain as Storage Index

The Filecoin network provides enormous storage capacity, allowing FNS to be combined with Filecoin storage to achieve the function of binding a name to a personal collection of stored files.

Here's how it works:

  • Register a top-level domain name using FNS, such as alice.fil, and then create a subdomain under this domain name, such as sub.alice.fil.

  • Users can bind this subdomain with a Filecoin storage order, making it an index for the storage order.

  • When users need to store certain data on the Filecoin network, they can upload the data to the file storage service provider corresponding to the storage order and use the CID (Content Identifier) of the storage order as the unique identifier for the data.

  • Users can use the sub.alice.fil subdomain in FNS to query the CID of this storage order, so that they can quickly find and download the data when needed.

The advantage of this approach is that it allows users to easily manage and find their data stored on the Filecoin network in FNS, and also to store the data more securely, because it will be stored in distributed nodes on the Filecoin network rather than centralized in a data center.

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